Helping animals find relief from physical and emotional distress using comforting and non-invasive Animal Reiki & Energy Healing.

Personalized Animal Reiki and Energy Healing Session​​

If you are struggling with a cat or dog or a farm-animal’s physical or emotional distress, a soothing non-invasive energy work might be the answer you are looking for.


And you wouldn’t really know the benefits until you tried.


Energy work is non-invasive and done with the permission of the animal.


Is there a risk? Yes, you do have the risk of falling in love with Reiki.


I also offer complimentary Animal Communication as part of the Animal Reiki and Energy Healing sessions.


And if after a set of sessions, you do not see a shift, you will not be charged.

Animal Reiki Training and Certification

Learn Animal Reiki

And do you, like me have this dream of being of service to the animals and creating a more loving world for them?

In which case, I invite you to dive in and get certified in Animal Reiki.


Because, Animal Reiki is a specialization and caters to the unique sensitivities of the animal kingdom.


Learn how to heal yourself and your animal friend.


And if you are a Reiki practitioner looking to specialize in Animal Reiki or looking for a refresher, you will find this perfect for you.

Artemis & Indrani - Our Animal Reiki Story

Way of Artemis Reiki Cats

The cats initiated me into Animal Reiki in 2010, when Reiki helped Amadeus make a miraculous recovery. And that was just the first of the many times Reiki came to our rescue.


Way of Artemis is the living legacy of Artemis, Amadeus and Duchess, the three cats who share this journey with me. And their spirit lives on through this work in enabling animals to experience the same joy that energy healing had brought for them.


Here is our Way of Artemis story.


And here I am, grateful to be an Animal Reiki Teacher, Shamanic Healer, Animal Communicator and Energy Worker using modalities including Scalar Wave and breath-work.


I am a certified practitioner of the Let Animals Lead (c) method of Animal Reiki, a practitioner member of Shelter Animal Reiki Association (SARA) and a volunteer at the DHN Network.

Happy Animals; Happy Humans

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    5 star review  Indrani was so accommodating, with me being in another country. I sat with our dog during the healing & it was a great experience. The communication was easy.

    thumb Denise Pinto

    5 star review  Many thanks 'Way of Artemis' for your help in healing & well being of Rusty (senior Golden Retriever) he responded positively with his ageing and arthritis issues.

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    5 star review  This is one of the best sessions I have signed up for Harriet, my collie. Harriet has been suffering from ageing issues- arthritis in joints and hips are getting weaker.... read more

    thumb J D

You do not have to go through your struggles alone.


Because, I’ve got this and will be with you every step of the way.


So, reach out and get started on your journey with a complimentary discovery call

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The senior girls and boys at CUPA's Geriatric Center
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Energy work is not a medical treatment. It is to be used as a complementary therapy and not as a substitute for medical care. My services neither diagnose nor prescribe under any circumstance.


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-What is Animal Reiki?

-How does Energy Healing help?

-Coping with Pet Loss

-How does distant healing work?

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