Amadeus Senior Cat Healing

Time after time, I have witnessed how energy healing such as Animal Reiki, Shamanic Healing and Scalar Waves have brought solace to senior animals. How with these ancient techniques, animals have lived the later years free from the distraught that is commonly associated with aging and terminal illnesses like cancer.

The dog who was dull and listless gets up and wants to go for a walk. The cat faced with the pain of terminal cancer softens and relaxes with a sigh. Their eyes sparkle again. And all this without any need to travel for a session as energy work is not limited by geographical space and time boundaries.

Amadeus, my beloved feline friend and teacher taught this beautiful lesson on aging gracefully with the support of Reiki. You can read his story here.

Here are the top 5 reasons, Reiki and Energy Healing works wonders for Senior Animals:

Relief from physical aches and painful illnesses

The sunset years come with myriad medical conditions, some of which like cancer can be physically painful. Regular energy work creates a serene space for the animals. Animals being much more attuned to the flow of energy ease into this space. Regular sessions can take the edge off from the extremes of pain. I have worked with animals who have got an extra few months of easy living. And what’s more? Animal Reiki and energy work can also take off the edge of side-effects such as nausea or stomach sensitivities that often accompany strong medications and treatment.

Increased Mobility

Arthritis and weakness and deterioration of muscle and joint strength often accompanies aging. That dog who was happily running across grassy plains now looks listless and dull. Energy work can help revitalize them especially with the use of Scalar Wave which boosts their energy centers. It is similar to the energetic version of vitamin supplements. A single session of Shamanic clearing and Scalar Wave has the potential to create a visible change and that dog can come bouncing and wagging and all ready to go for walks.

Comfort in the midst of Distress

Vet trips can be tiring. Chasing the cat to force all those pills and treatments that your cat wants to have nothing to do adds to the stress the system has to deal with. Animal Reiki and Shamanic Healing frees your animal companion from trauma and stress. Regular Reiki and Scalar Wave keeps them happy and relaxed. And the more joyful they are, the better their systems are equipped to deal with the aging process.

Communicating with you their Messages and Wants

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could hear from your animal companion what he or she wants. What messages do they have for you? What was their soul-purpose in this lifetime? The sunset years are a potent time for deepening that bond you share as you start seeing your animal companion in their authentic spiritual form – as a wise spiritual being and a Teacher. Animals heave a sigh knowing that their voice is finally being heard and they can convey their messages to you. They can now express their opinion on what medical treatment is best suited for them.

I have been fortunate and blessed to have been able to listen to my feline friends, know their wants and desires, say goodbye to them when the time came and listen to their powerful guidance for me.

A Break from Compassion Fatigue

Being a caregiver for a senior animal is not easy. With the animals becoming our primary focus, we start forgetting to take care of ourselves – physically and emotionally. All those feelings of helplessness, sadness, guilt, frustration starts piling up ready to explode at the slightest poke. The trouble is that our animal companions are so strongly tuned into our energy field, not only knows how we are feeling, even when we are not fully aware, but also get effected by it. It multiplies their sense of distress because they cannot bear to see us in distress. Regular energy work and joint sessions creates a space where both human and animal can be in a state of spaciousness and we find the fortitude to deal with our own selves. I had a cat who would insist that I first do Reiki on myself before I started offering Reiki to her.

Animal Reiki and Energy Healing is gentle and non-invasive. We do not send Reiki or force energy onto an already confused animal. We work with the permission of the animals, with the animals as equal partners and teachers in the healing process.

If you are struggling with a senior animal companion, Animal Reiki and Energy Healing may be the answer for you too.

This article is dedicated to all the senior cats who taught me that old age can be a state of grace and serenity. We dance to a different drummer then, but to a beat far more ethereal.

A drummer guiding us on our way back Home.