Animal Reiki Circle

You are Invited! Join ARC - the Animal Reiki Circle to hear some Reiki stories and participate in a Reiki-share.

Are you often called out as the weird one? Do you feel like a misfit as if you do not belong?


Do you feel a strange unnamed pull towards spending time alone in nature and with animals?


It is time to carve your own path and find your community and soul-family.


What is ARC?

We meet on the first weekend of every month for a 20-minute webcast to chat about Animals, Reiki & Shamanism, do a guided group practice and offer Reiki to anyone who requests for it.


This is a gathering of Reiki teachers, practitioners and beginners who are curious about Reiki.


You can also submit names of animal companions and request for group-Reiki.

The cats - Artemis and Amadeus
  • Submit a request for Reiki for an animal or for yourself
  • Experience a guided animal healing practice
  • Animal wisdom insights
  • Monthly free gatherings

The ARC Archives

And if you have missed the earlier meets, here is a collection of some of the recordings. You can find all of them on my YouTube Channel as well.

Happy Listening!

April 2022 ARC – The gift of the River Dolphins

March 2022 ARC – Grounding during times of Conflict

February 2022 – World Animal Reiki Day Meditation and Share

January 2022 ARC – Circle of Compassion Practice

December 2021 ARC – Connect with the Snow Leopards

November 2021 ARC – Reiki-Share

Animal Reiki Circle Meetings

You can be a beginner with no prior knowledge of Reiki or an advanced practitioner or teacher joining in the share. The Animal Guides welcome everyone wanting to connect with them. There will be simple instructions to follow for those new to the circle.

We meet the first Saturday of every month at 7 PM Pacific Time.

Petworks Approved

Energy work is not a medical treatment. It is to be used as a complementary therapy and not as a substitute for medical care. My services neither diagnose nor prescribe under any circumstance.


Terms and Conditions


-What is Animal Reiki?

-How does Energy Healing help?

-Coping with Pet Loss

-How does distant healing work?

-And more…