Beyond Animal Reiki with Deers of Dehradun

Animal Healing Dehradun

Beyond Animal Reiki with Deers of Dehradun

In November 2021, I found myself house hunting in Dehradun, a smallish Himalayan town nestled in the Doon valley. I had a day off and decided to explore the much-talked-about local deer park.

There I was – an over-eager Animal Reiki girl filled with the excitement of an encounter with the deers and other animals who call the Deer Park their home.

The animals had other plans. Nothing about Deer Park was standard textbook stuff. The story kind of formed on its own. As I stepped inside the park, the cacophony of tourists fell away, and it felt like I had stepped through a portal.

With most of the animals – the pheasants, the emus, the ostriches, the crocodiles – there was a sense of communion – being One. Reiki seemed quite needless. This trip was more about connecting with everyone and sharing a common energy space. There is a sacredness in that sense of energetically connecting with another being.

Peacocks and Crocodiles

The peacocks were a different story. Some of them were pretty vocal about asking for Reiki. I merely complied. In that space of Reiki, time faded into an illusion. I held space till at one point, there was a subtle acknowledgment, and I left the peacocks surrounded in a Reiki bubble.
Further away, the crocodiles were sunning themselves. I stood and watched and felt that primal energy field all around them. It was a rare privilege to be given a sneak preview into Crocodile world. A little further away were the turtles swimming in a pond. They seemed quite content with their surroundings. Once again, I soaked in the sense of a shared space and then let them be.

The Cobra

And then there were the snakes – and a yellow Indian Cobra. As I presented myself in front of her, she was standing transfixed and still – a sense of disdain for the babble of voices all around. And then, all of a sudden, she sensed me. And that look in her eyes which I still see when I close my eyes. She started moving, like a gentle sway – examining me. She was very interested in who I was. On completing her evaluation, she stood still, staring right into my eyes. It was a strange moment – we stood facing each other. In those few precious minutes, it felt like she was passing on the wisdom of the snakes to me. I was grateful to have been accepted in her presence.

Beyond Animal Reiki with Deers of Dehradun

Soon after this, I came across the Deers of Deer Park. They were all at lunch, eating from a common food trough. I was watching from a distance. Suddenly one of them jerked up and looked straight into my eyes. I blinked a cat-greeting and said hello. She went back to eating. Another one did just the same. And then, out of nowhere, this voice was in my head, “Hello Artemis.” Artemis was my first cat, after whom I had named my animal healing practice. I replied, “Er. Artemis was the cat. I am not Artemis. But thank you for acknowledging.” A strange conversation with the Animal considered sacred to Goddess Artemis. The conversation continued for some more time. One by one, the deers would look up, look me in the eyes and go back to eating. There was gossip going on, and I could not figure out what the buzz was about.


And my final Teacher....

And finally, as I was nearing the end, I spotted her. Leopard was lazing in the afternoon sun. The warm November sun was perfect. Leopard agreed with a long stretch and rolled over, oblivious to the noisy tourists. In that moment of shared silence – a golden silence that pervades despite the cacophony, there was a sense of connection, a sense of kinship. Leopard and I – we had our moment of bonding. These were her parting words, “Of course, you know that we are always there with you. This is not a new bond. We do not need to meet physically for our bond to work.”

It wasn’t Reiki and it wasn’t Animal Communication; It was being in communion.

My Background with Zoo Animals

If I have been able to overcome my aversion to zoos, where I typically felt a sense of forced captivity, it is due to the Zoo Animals Ambassador course I recently took with Rose De Dan of Wild Reiki & Shamanic Healing. In those classes with Rose, I learned what the zoo animals had to say about their current state and how they were messengers and ambassadors for the ones in the wild. They are spiritual teachers, and if we take the time to listen to them and be in ceremony with them, we can acknowledge them for who they truly are. We can walk the ancient path of Beauty and Wisdom.


About Dehradun:

Dehradun is a small bustling town set on the foothills of the Himalayas. Dehradun tries hard to compete with the business of her city counterparts – but halfway through, she lazes back with a sigh. The result is a mix of the majestic Himalayas, dusty roads, and some concrete rubble from construction – a town trying to prove herself, not realizing that her beauty is just being who she is and she does not need to compete.