Animal Reiki & Energy Healing Support for Senior Animals

Are you feeling helpless watching your beloved animal companion suffer?

Frustrated with a seemingly endless series of medications and lab tests and treatments?

Free your animal companion from the aches and pains of growing old today

Relief from physical aches and pains

Increased mobility

Comfort in the midst of distress

Communicating with you their messages and wants

Freedom from Compassion Fatigue

Monthly Maintenance

You Get: Monthly 45 – 60 minute energy healing sessions including animal communication.

Suitable For: Overall well-being or when there is a chronic non-critical medical condition e.g., Arthritis.

Complimentary: You get a FREE short session each month


1 Month – 3,000 INR / 50 USD

3 Months Package – 7,000 INR / 100 USD

Weekly Sessions

You Get: Weekly 20 minute sessions of Animal Reiki / Shamanic Healing or Scalar Wave

Suitable For: Critical medical conditions such as cancer or when recovering from a surgery or medical treatment

Complimentary: You get one FREE on-demand session in between whenever needed.

Charges: Monthly 3,000 INR / 50 USD

Daily Five

You Get: Short 5 – 10 minute energy healing sessions for 5 days

Suitable For: End-of-life support or during a critical medical situation.

Complimentary: Shamanic Journey to connect with animals who have transitioned

Charges: 2500 INR / 35 USD


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I have been practicing Reiki since 2010; am a member of the Shelter Animal Reiki Association; and certified in the Let Animals Lead(c) method of Animal Reiki, Shamanic & Scalar Wave Healing.

You are not alone in this. I will be with you every step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

We start with a FREE Discovery call. This is an in-person or telephonic consultation to hear from you and also to explain the flow of the sessions. It also gives you a chance to explore and find out if this is what you would like to sign up for.

The first session involves Animal Communication and Energy Healing that typically lasts for around 45 – 60 minutes.  On completion, I will share any insight received during the session, either in-person or over call for remote sessions.

The Senior Animal Care Package is custom made to suit your individual needs with options for weekly, fortnightly or monthly sessions.

Each individual is unique and will respond differently to the energy. Each session is intended for the highest good of the individual and the energy will flow where it is needed most.

You know your animal companion. Rely on your intuition and watch for shifts in patterns and behaviour such as increased sleep, appetite or playfulness.

Humans undergoing a Reiki, or a Scalar session may experience sensations such as a feeling of warmth or a tingling sensation and become aware of the vibrations depending upon the level of sensitivity.

Animals too may choose not to provide any cognitive feedback. While in some cases there may be noticeable change in behaviour such as the animal becoming calmer and relaxed others may appear to go on with their daily routine. Irrespective of whether there are directly perceivable changes, the energy work will bring about the highest benefit – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

The first conversation does not involve any charge. Session charges are based on the package.

There is no charge for animals in approved shelters or rescue organizations.

 Mode of Payment: – Domestic payments can be made using NEFT or UPI. International payments are over Paypal.

Cancellation Charges: – Sessions can be cancelled 24 hours in advance of the slot without incurring any additional charge.

Sessions involve the sharing of a sacred connection and universal life-force energy and is not capable of causing harm. There may be instances when the work releases energy blockages in the form of physical or emotional detox which in turn leads to healing. This can happen when the the body begins to deal with years of pent-up stress and other toxins.

We are all energy and we are all interconnected in the web of life. Energy work is not bound by mental constructs of time and space. In most distant sessions you will be able to see visible signs of relaxation in an animal when the session is in progress. Read more about how distance healing works in this article

You too can do this for your beloved fur-baby.
Watch them live in comfort and dignity!
Schedule your first FREE Discovery Call today

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Indrani SARA Teacher
Indrani IARP

Energy work is not a medical treatment. It is to be used as a complementary therapy and not as a substitute for medical care. My services do not diagnose or prescribe under any circumstance.