Do It Yourself Animal Healing Videos

Here you will find a selection of animal healing videos suitable for beginners, that you can follow along with and start to get the benefits. These are a great place to start to become familiar with some of the animal reiki meditations and energy healing.

Top 10 Wildlife Quotes

A collection of top 10 quotes on loving and respecting wildlife from conservationists, shamanic leaders, healers and animal lovers.

How to Calm Cats and Dogs During Fireworks

how to calm pets during fireworks

Find out how to calm your cats and dogs during fireworks using the 2-Y approach. If you live with animal companions who freak out during fireworks, this article provides a short practice as well as information to help you create a safe comforting environment.

What is Energy Healing?

Beyond the cognitive boundaries of our physical appearances, there is a subtle energy field – a universal energy pervading all living organisms. It is vital to life and influences physical, emotional, mental and spiritual healing and well-being. In today’s world, there is potential for holistic energy healing to work hand-in-hand with contemporary medicines and supplement them.