What is Scalar Wave Healing?

Scalar energy also known as zero-point energy is created when waves of the same frequency coming from opposite directions meet in the middle. Scalar waves are five-dimensional electromagnetic waves that occupy the empty space between atoms. Research has shown that scalar waves play a role in physical and emotional healing as it helps bring balance when set in contact with or around a body. Animals being sensitive to energy fields respond quite effortlessly to such healing.


History of Scalar Wave Healing

James Clerk Maxwell (1831-1879), a Scottish mathematician first detected scalar waves. However, contemporary scientists dismissed his work classifying it as mystical, due to lack of cognitive evidence. Next, in 1899 Nicola Tesla accidentally re-discovered Scalar waves, while experimenting with abrupt direct current electrical charges. Finally, in the 1920s, Einstein acknowledged the existence of this form of energy. Much later, Dr Valerie Hunt (1917 – 2014) a scientist at UCLA, made a path-breaking discovery. She found that consciously thinking about breathing in the same frequencies coming from opposite sides creates a bio-scalar energy within the body.

Benefits of Scalar Wave Healing

Dr Hunt went on to find that the energy used by hands-on healers come under this category. During the course of her investigation, Dr Hunt also discovered that illnesses cause a chaotic energy field. In comparison, well-being has a different pattern of homeostasis grounded in stability and equilibrium. Chaos cannot exist in the presence of a standing wave. Therefore, this standing wave can reset homeostasis and bring about healing.


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Any mention of Scalar Wave for animals will be incomplete without Joan Ranquet. Joan is the pioneer in the field of Scalar Wave Healing for Animals. Her website has more information on Scalar Waves as well as digital courses.