How does Reiki and Scalar Wave benefit animals? Primarily, both offer a gentle space of relaxation and healing. And animals simply love the energy. Both are non-invasive ways of creating a sacred space of connection that allows for healing – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. Animal Reiki and Scalar Wave work as a complementary system along with conventional treatments helping trigger and accelerate the healing process.

Reiki and Scalar Wave Benefits for Animals

Accelerates the animal’s own healing process

Animals are natural healers and left to themselves have their own healing processes. Animal Reiki and Scalar Wave work as a complementary system helping trigger and accelerate this process. Consequently, this can help in easing pain; reducing stress; improving quality of life and accelerate healing from a surgery or illness.

Enhances trust and bonding 

There is an overlapping energy field between a human and animal companion. This phenomena is knows as morphic resonance. Our animal companions often mirror our physical and emotional states. As a result of the interconnectedness of the bond, we also share each other’s imbalances. Sometimes joint healing sessions for both animal and their human companions can be beneficial.

Helps deal with extreme emotions such as trauma and fear

Energy healing can help calm a scared animal and reduce issues related to fears and anxieties. It is an effective first-step towards getting a frightened animal to open up and be receptive to proper care. It can help animals who have a history of being abused or abandoned – e.g. shelter animals. The gentle touch of Reiki can restore trust where animals have learnt to associate touch with being hurt.

Death and Transition

Reiki is an amazing way to facilitate the transition of an animal in his or her last stages of life. Often animals hold themselves back as they intuitively feel that their person is not ready to let them go. Reiki helps by creating a sacred space that allows for a gentle transition.

Dealing with Change

Changes in environment often cause emotional distress for an animal. For instance, introduction of a new animal or human family member; moving to a new house; loss of an animal or human in the household can trigger stress. Hence, such changes cause shifts in the energy pattern. Energy healing helps bring the energy back to a state of balance and emotional harmony. Subsequently, this allows an animal to adjust with and resonate with the surrounding morphic field. 

Persistent emotional issues

Past experiences can lead an animal to exhibit persistent negative emotions such as fear, anxiety, aggression or depression. In this case, periodic sessions can help remove toxic patterns and bring an animal back to his or her natural state of balance and harmony.

Watch this short video on how Reiki and Scalar Wave benefit animals