“words are not enough to pen down my thoughts and my experience. You have an abundance of Compassion and empathy which my family has experienced over the last week. We are going through a very difficult time, and would like to thank and appreciate all your efforts for Garlik. I am extremely glad i was introduced to this concept which i was not aware about. Over the last week, we never felt you were a professional but someone from the family who was with us throughout the entire time. The support you have provided to us will never be forgotten and we are extremely grateful. For the Pet parents: if your Pet is suffering from any kind of issues, please seek Indrani’s help. Trust me, you shall never regret.”

Somnath, Bangalore

I had an amazing experience. I am new to all this and was skeptical at first. But after an initial set of sessions, I could visibly see the change in my cat, Charley. He had been suffering from an eye infection for a few weeks and the medications were not helping. After the Scalar sessions with Indrani, his eye is much better. And even though the sessions were remote, I could see Charley relax and settle down when the sessions were in progress. I definitely recommend Indrani and her sessions for animals.

Safee, Mumbai

Indrani Ma’am is legitimate healer that I have come across , she is really patient and understanding. I reached out to her in order to heal my pet . My Pet Thea was unable to walk after her surgery and a major fracture . Annndddddd now she is walking,running with joy in just 3 sessions.i can’t describe my gratitude. We are really happy with healing !.

Swathi, Bangalore

Indrani was so accommodating, with me being in another country. I sat with our dog during the healing & it was a great experience. The communication was easy.

Denise, Perth

She is calm, composed, kind, compassionate and a healer. She learnt I was in distress and  volunteered to do a reiki on me even late in the evening. As for the results, I wouldn’t consider this anything less than a miracle . I have had several sleepless nights because of a difficult emotional situation I am going through and a nagging cold which didnt seem to get better at all . The distant reiki Indrani performed on me interestingly induced a deep slumber that I hadn’t experienced for ages .This restful state brought about positive changes in my health.I was already feeling so much better the next morning .. My throat was no longer choked like before and the feverish feeling was just gone like magic! I am now recovering gradually without any medication probably from the lasting effects of the reiki performed on me.

Pritha, Kolkata

Many thanks ‘Way of Artemis’ for your help in healing & well being of Rusty (senior Golden Retriever) he responded positively with his ageing and arthritis issues.

Kushal, Vancouver

I reached out to Indrani for healing my pebbles’s ( dog ) issues with her nose. Pebbles also has hip issues which i did not mention but was pleasantly surprised when Indrani caught that issue in her first healing session. Pebbles has been more active and going for longer walks and is kind of prancing on her walk 🙂 I am so happy with Indrani’s love and commitment to get pebbles better and absolutely recommend her healing services.

– Suma, Bangalore

This is one of the best sessions I have signed up for Harriet, my collie. Harriet has been suffering from ageing issues- arthritis in joints and hips are getting weaker. Before I signed up for a session, she used to be quite listless and it was very painful to see her so helpless. The Reiki and Scalar Wave sessions with Indrani at Way of Artemis, brought about a remarkable change in her. After the first session she seemed more bouncy and that evening she came to me wagging her tail asking to be taken out for a walk. After a long time I was happy to see her wanting to walk. Since then, Harriet is on weekly sessions to help her through her ageing process and she is all that happier. I also loved the complementary Scalar Wave and Reiki sessions, I received as Harriet’s caregiver – it was a wonderful relaxing experience. Thank you Indrani and your work with Way of Artemis in helping us out. She was also a very patient listener and understood my complaints and just the talk and her overall tips also helped.

James, Bangalore

My cat Leo was a stray who got injured and was ill, which required long-term medical treatment for an eye infection and a digestive issue. After his vaccination, Leo barely ate for several days, cried all the time, and started getting aggressive. I went through Indrani’s website and felt strongly that Leo would benefit from Indrani’s healing. I knew Indrani from earlier and she had supported me in taking care of my first cat, Eva. If there is anyone I trust completely with my cats, it is Indrani. What always comes through is her love for animals and her ability to be fully present for them when she offers healing. Of course, she and Leo hit it off immediately. One look at Leo’s blissed-out face when he was in a session with Indrani, I knew he was getting what he needed (and I hear, he demanded for it, too!). It was Reiki distance healing due to the ongoing pandemic. Within the span of a session or two, Leo began to eat well, his appetite was restored. He calmed down quite a bit and returned to being playful and affectionate. His eye has improved too. Apart from the time healing with Leo, Indrani also offered suggestions on food and other tips which were helpful. I am very happy about the way in which Indrani’s healing has benefited and supported Leo in what has been a tough few months for him.

AP, Bangalore

Indrani – Wanted to thank you for the wonderful work you did with Merlin. The surgery was a difficult one and thanks to all the Reiki you did, he recovered smoothly. I could see Merlin relax and ease whenever you were doing the session with him.

Aditi, Kolkata

Thank you so much Indrani for helping with my cat Tessa. She was having a tough time after the surgery. After just 3 sessions, she was back to eating normally. Her pain had lessened to a great extent and she had a normal life. I am so grateful I found you.

Nina, Manchester